If you are having trouble getting online, Eluminate (the company which provides the virtual meeting platform) has provided some instructions on how to overcome some common problems with logging into an Eluminate meeting room. I have attached them below.

Eluminate also has a toll free number to call for tech support in many countries should you need it while trying to get on.

The toll free number for Australia is 1 800 267 338

The toll free number for Northern America is 866 388 8674, option 2.

They also offer online live support at their website at


Below are the instructions for a couple of hurdles we bump into for new users entering an Elluminate session. If anyone has continued issues after trying the below process please do not hesitate in getting them to call us (the Aust/NZ Yellow Edge Elluminate team) or to use the online support portal at www.elluminate.com/support

Proxy Settings

This is sometimes the solution if a person is trying to join from behind a firewall; especially if they can get the session/interface to appear but are unable to actually enter the session.

Firstly open your internet browser, go to the tools drop down menu, then internet options, connections tab, LAN settings at the bottom, then look at what is in your Proxy server info.

Make a note of the Address and then the port number (as you will need these in the following steps) then,

If you don’t have the Elluminate interface in front of you for the session you are scheduled to attend, follow the download URL/link as per instruction on your session invitation, when the Elluminate interface appears and the original error you may have previously experience is displayed, select cancel to remove the error in order to perform the following steps:

With in the Elluminate interface, go to the Tools drop down menu and select Preferences

From here select Proxy Setting under the General Tab

Of the 3 fields in Proxy Setting put in the following information:

    1. Select: HTTP Proxy Server
    2. Server: your address here
    3. Port: your port number here

Then click on the Apply button and your connection to the Elluminate room should go through.

If this is not the case then click on session, join session and that should allow you to join the room.

If that doesn’t work try HTTPS Proxy Server and put the server name and port number in again and retry - session, join session and this may allow you to join the Elluminate room

Again, if this doesn’t work, then we need to look at your proxy server and firewall and maybe have your technical administrator chat with us on 1800 26 7338.

A good resource for any Administrator is at www.elluminate.com/support/docs which explains what we are trying to achieve in detail.

Java Cache

This is sometimes a solution if people are unable to open a session even if they have previously been able to join a session in the past; or if they are experiencing minor issues once in the session.

To clean out your Java cache and check there is enough space for cache at the same time (for Windows users):

Go to the ‘start’ menu on your tool bar with in Windows
Click on ‘control panel’
Find and Click on ‘Java’ to open the Java control panel
On the general page choose ‘settings
Find and Click on ‘delete files’ – check that both the ‘applications and applets’ and ‘trace and log files’ boxes are checked, now click OK.
While in the Java control panel go to the tab ‘Cache’ and check that the maximum allocated space for cache is set; if not please adjust this to the maximum and apply
Click OK and then close out of the area.