Welcome to the global networking page for professionals from around the world working to prevent child sexual abuse, designed to share resources and contact information. This was set up in 2009 as an platform for also promoting our online conference (see below), the first international one that we were aware of. The creator, Dr. Georgia Babatsikos, of Deakin University, Australia, is now back from a hiatus of 2 years (one child born and one PhD completed) and eager to develop this international network. Please share this link with your staff and network of organizations so that we might have a central repository of contacts and information. Its great to see more online conferences and seminars happening (see Ms Foundation), and we look forward to another online conference soon.

This page has been set up as a Wiki website which allows people to contribute directly to the website. If you would like to become a member, click the join button above (top right). When applying, in the comment section please provide a few sentences about your professional role and the organization(s) with which you are affiliated so that your membership can be processed. Membership will enable you to post and edit information on this website on most pages (except Home and Online Conference). Your direct participation via posting and contributions will help to make this website a success. If you would rather not join but would still like information on yourself, your organization, or other relevant information (conference, grants, etc) to be posted, please email details to site convenor who will post them for you.

The key topical areas that will be listed on this site include:

  • First International Online Conference on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (held March 11, 2010.To listen to the recordings of the sessions, Click Here)
  • Grants
  • Mailing lists and list serves
  • Organizations and Programs
  • Other Conferences
  • Professionals working to prevent child sexual abuse
  • Publications

DISCLAIMER: The convenor reserves the right to bar the participation of any member of this site who posts inappropriate material or conducts activities that are counter productive or harmful to the goals and mission of this website.

The creation of this page has been initiated by Georgia Babatsikos, MPH, of Deakin University (School of Health and Social Development), Melbourne, Australia. For any comments or queries, please contact Georgia on Established May 2009.
Last Updated: July 20, 2011